Preventive Maintenance

One way to achieve more efficient production is to reduce unplanned downtimes and arrange planned downtimes. In unplanned downtimes, in the event of a possible failure the system will be on hold for much longer than it should be, and the efficiency will also decrease. Therefore, it is requested to give an alarm before the system malfunctions, rather than an alarm at malfunction. Thus, with a planned downtime, a motor giving the “I will make a mistake” alarm before a malfunction will reduce the downtime by 80%.

Preventive maintenance can vary according to the company’s priorities. It is possible to take these data by joining up with the company maintenance team and investigate on the ground.

In general the application is done in the following way:

  • The main points that would cause vital problems in case they stopped are determined together with the maintenance team.
  • After that, it is discussed how the signals will be received.
  • The alarms and the upper-lower values for the signals are entered into the SCADA or MES system.

Primarily used Preventive Maintenance data;

  • Measuring the motor vibration and the motor vibration frequency and send a signal to maintenance if the vibration increases,
  • If the current consumption of the machine or a motor is increased via the energy analyzer, send a signal to maintenance before a malfunction,
  • Measuring the temperature of a mechanical shaft, part, or motor with ultrasonic temperature sensors and send a signal to maintenance if the temperature increases over the set value,
  • Communicate with Servo Motor or AC drives and send a signal to maintenance in case of draw current,
  • Entering the life of the pneumatic valves into the system and signaling to the maintenance team close to completion of life,
  • Receive signals from pressure sensors and send a signal to maintenance team if system pressure falls below desired value,
  • Receive signals from lubrication sensors and send a signal to maintenance team if the oil value drops below desired value,

Preventive maintenance signals can be sent to the maintenance team as an SMS, mail or system alarm. The maintenance staff going to the machine for control swaps their badge to the barcode reader and with this sends the information of who intervened when together with the time of the malfunction to the system.

This information can be transferred to SAP online and even sent to HR to contribute to the performance report for maintenance personnel.