FlexLink has an unrivaled experience in many industries including automotive, electronics, food, pharmaceuticals and tobacco. This experience has enabled it to develop solutions that enhance long-term competitiveness. FlexLink provides a competitive advantage, especially with cost-effective solutions that are fast, easy to design, integrate and replace in the food industry. FlexLink offers less production mistakes, less maintenance and longer service life due to the lean design concept and higher yields and lower costs in production with higher speeds and capacities.

To meet food safety, worker protection and higher standards, they have designed equipment with low noise levels and removed sharp corners, edges, pinch points and heavy lifts. FlexLink’s hygienic design after 3A and EHEDG provides food safety, keeps pathogens and other contaminants and extends shelf life.

In the food industry, FlexLink packages also offer the hygienically designed WLX conveyor platform, the patented Dynamic Flow Concept (DFC ™) and Dynamic Motion Transfer (DMT ™) routers and couplers for wet and dry processes. It guides product ranges to specific machines for packaging variants and compensates for higher OEE reachability for high machine operating time.

Our company, FlexLink’s system partner, provides turnkey solutions including projects, software and robots in many sectors, especially food, automotive, pharmaceutical and tobacco with FlexLink products.