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Industry 4.0, or the 4. Industrial Revolution is a collective term that encompasses many modern automation systems, data exchanges and production technologies. This revolution plays a major role in the formation of the intelligent factory system. At the same time, more efficient business models will emerge, allowing each data to be collected, monitored and analyzed in a production environment.

Production facilities in the world will now become “smart factories”. Factories where all production processes are controlled by intelligent systems are a result of competition due to falling profits. Increasing productivity and enabling flexible production, these factories aim to increase the life and competitive power of companies. Factories now become “smart factories” equipped with the latest technologies.

There are many articles and presentations about the 4. Industrial Revolution. Therefore, instead of subjects such as history etc., let’s discuss what we are doing, how we can convert your facilities to a smart factory, how we can improve production efficiency, how we can help you with these processes and advantages.

The biggest mistake made at first is to relate this issue to just “IT”. “IT” and “AUTOMATION” are equally important to be able to create this structure. Therefore, these two departments need to work together in companies that want to make this investment.

There are three main points to create the “smart factories” that are the core foundation of Industry 4.0. If these three points are established, success can be achieved.

  • Wholesome collection of production data to be analyzed,
  • A smart platform for evaluating collected data (MES),
  • A smart controlled maintenance system / Predictive Maintenance,

As Omni Process Automation we can offer solutions and consultancy on these three subjects; Data Acquisition Automation and Field Integration, Data Analysis (MES) and Predictive Maintenance Process. Let us examine our solutions to these subjects in detail.