As Omni, in Industry 4.0 we also provide solutions for productivity analysis and MES software, which is the bridge between IRP where many reports are prepared and Production.

MES monitors the production instantaneously and automatically and reports the downtime, performance degradation and quality inefficiencies in production instantly to responsible persons and reports these losses statistically and graphically in detail.

Provides OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) infrastructure to increase your production efficiency. Provides you with a reduction in Stop-Speed-Quality losses.

Collects online production data through sensors, PLC’s etc. and alerts you of wrongful jobs via LCD screens, e-mail alerts, SMS alerts and enables you to increase your productivity by providing you with the ability of prompt action.

It enables you to easily load and schedule your daily and weekly works to business centers via a Gantt chart and ensures that your daily work schedule management is efficient.

It enables your ERP System to operate more efficiently by using the machines and their production units online.

    General Functions;

  • The Planning Officer easily schedules job orders created in the ERP Software by dragging and dropping from a Visual Gantt Chart format screen
  • Capacity control can be done here and job orders can be shifted with the mouse
  • Assigned job orders are transferred to terminals located at Business Centers
  • When the operators are to start work they introduce themselves in the terminal and start the job order
  • Occasional downtimes and their causes are entered by the operators into the terminal
  • Job orders can be partially or completely finished
  • Finished job orders are saved into the ERP
  • All these transactions can be tracked online
  • The planning officer can change the sequence of job orders when necessary
  • Through LCD monitors, productivity at work centers can be displayed instantly to operators and managers online
  • Events such as defined malfunction, downtime, inefficient operation can be sent instantly as an alert to the desired persons via email and SMS
  • Malfunction alerts can be sent to maintenance-repair departments by e-mail or SMS
  • Wrong data or slowness problems can be eliminated by reading production quantities directly from the machines via sensors and PLC’s
  • Generated Production, Downtime, Speed, Quality data can be reported
  • Reports can be filtered and spaced based on Time, Business Center, Staff, Job Code
  • All tables in the software can be sorted and filtered and these tables can be exported to Excel
  • Monitors energy expenditures and provides infrastructure for their reduction
  • Instant notifications about expenses out of specified intervals are given via e-mail, Sms, dashboards, allowing for a quick intervention.
  • According to factory structure Factory, Department, Machine-based energy meters are placed
  • Records what is produced in the machines